I do not have access to the contact email address for my account

If your email address has changed, and you are the owner of the domain name, or an authorised officer of the Registrant that owns the domain name, you can request your email address to be updated and the password to be sent to you.

If you are unsure of the Registrant details of your domain, enter the domain name in a whois lookup tool.

    1.Your authentication request must be on the letterhead of the Registrant (ie your company letterhead) or it must include photo identification of the Registrant (ie a copy of your driver's license).
    2.On your document, please state the following.

    "My domain name is <include your domain name>. I request for you to update my account contact email address to <new email address>. After you have done so, please email my username and password to the new email address".

    3.The document must be signed by an authorised representative of the domain name.
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