What is add-on Domain, sub domain and parked domain ?

Suppose you have registered a domain name abc.com and started hosting package with us. This abc.com can be termed as primary domain name or main domain name.


Parked domain:

Let say your primary domain is abc.com and you want a second domain for example, test-host.in to lead to the same site. So that whenever any one access http://test-host.in they'll go to your main site http://abc.com . This test-host.in can be termed as a parked domain. Parked domain is a domain which is parked over your main domain name. They will display the same website as your primary domain


Sub Domain:

A subdomain will be in the form test.abc.com. When you create a subdomain test.abc.com using cPanel it will create a directory 'test' in your public_html folder.


The Subdomain can be accessed using:



Addon Domain:

Addon domains will act like a separate website for the visitors. However, you will only have the one control panel for both. There should be no evidence that your domain is an addon domain to incoming traffic when they visit your addon domain.

To add the addon domain name testhostings.in on to your main domain name abc.com, log into your control panel and select Addon Domains, enter the domain name testhostings.in into the Domain name box, enter in the folder name you want to use (such as test) and enter a password you want to use.

You will be able to access the addon domain using:

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